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Time Zone Map

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Time Zone Map

    Accuracy of the Time Zone Map

    All clock changes worldwide are automatically taken into account and displayed in real-time as soon as you reload the page. Future changes are usually incorporated into our database before they take effect, so the map accurately reflects the current situation.

    Please note that the Time Zone Map is not a political map but a time zone map showing the time zone boundaries.

    How to Use the Map

    • Search for any city in the search field above and place a black "pin" Pinby that city on the map. If you place more than one pin, an extra line of information is added underneath the map with links to those cities' pages. You may add as many pins as you like.
    • To remove the pins permanently (undo not possible), simply click here or on the Time Zone Map link in the menu above.
    • Hover your mouse over any of the red dots to see the name of the city and country and current local time.
      “DST” is displayed if there is Daylight Saving Time at the moment.
    • Click on any red dot and go to that city's page with time, weather, sunrise/set, moon phases and lots more.
    • Hover your mouse over the map to highlight time zones.
    • Find the current time offset – displayed in whole hours only – from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) at the bottom of the map. UTC offsets in diagonally striped areas are not whole hours.