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At, we value your privacy, and we aim to be transparent regarding what personal data we store about you.

In our updated privacy policy, we outline which cookies are used on our website along with any personal data processed by us and our third-party partners.

Personal Data

The data below can be obtained via email or via other pages.

Calendar EventsIf you have added your own events to our PDF Calendars, you can download them on the events page.Event title, date, repeating frequency
AppsInformation stored via our iOS apps is securely handled by Apple. There is a link to the privacy statement for all our apps available via iTunes or Google Play.
APIPrivate API subscribers: Send us an email to get a copy of the personal data we have stored about you.
Business subscribers: This is not regarded as personal data.
NewsletterYour email address and newsletter data are securely handled by MailChimp.
CookiesWe use cookies to ensure that the website functions properly and for certain security measures. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.
Third‑Party CookiesOur advertising partners use cookies to serve personalized advertising, facilitate login and sharing via social media accounts, and may store personal data regarding payments from supporters and subscribers. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.

This is required to allow our tools and services to function properly.

Required to save settings like your home location, Personal World Clock, custom units of measurement, and language.

We require advertisements for funding. Enabling this will allow more relevant advertising to be displayed in these positions based on your visits to other sites. Your data saved on is not shared.

NOTE: Not activating this option will result in random ads and reduce our funding scope for new free services.